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Community Science Workshop Network

John Muir CSW is an affiliated site of the CSW Network. 
We get training, support, supplies, ideas & camaraderie from CSWs across the state.
The Mission Science Workshop and the Excelsior Science Workshop have open houses on the second and third Saturdays of the month, respectively. Call or visit their website before you go & let them know you're coming from Martinez & which workshop your student attends.

The Tinkering Studio


- Learn anything - get badges, great for kids 7 & up

California Academy of Sciences Educator Guides

California Academy of Sciences Videos


So often, kids ask some great questions. If we tell them the answer, we rob them of their curiosity. Here's a great guide I received as part of a hand-out during an educator's workshop provided by the California Academy of Sciences that can help turn those questions into testable questions. 

What are the characteristics of______?
How many ____? How often ______? How much____?
What happens when_____? (when you change something)

How are_____ similar/different to ______?
How can these _____ be organized into groups?
Which____(material/organism/etc.) is the______(most absorbent/strongest/etc)?
How is____related to _____?

What is the effect of _____ on _____?
What effect does _____(size/depth/shape/etc) have on _____
Does_____cause/affect _____?
How does_____affect______?

Happy exploring!!


The Science Education Partnership & Assessment Laboratory 
From San Francisco State University


2013 Bay Area Science Festival

The 2013 Bay Area Science Festival is right around the corner! Mark your calendars for fun events around the Bay - check out the event schedule  to see what's going on & to see which Discovery Day you can go to. The John Muir CSW will have it's own event schedule during this time so check back soon to find out what fun things will be happening at the John Muir CSW.



STEM Mentoring Toolkit

The White House Celebrates Mentor Month with Science and Engineering

Nine Federal agencies came together on January 18th to host an interagency Open House on STEM and Mentoring. At the event, officials from the Departments of Transportation, Labor, Energy, Education, and Agriculture, as well as from the Office of Personnel Management, National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency and Corporation for National and Community Service, met with leaders of STEM mentoring organizations and members of the public.

The Corporation for National and Community Service this month also issued a “STEM Mentoring Toolkit". Here's a link to the PDF:


Climate Change Workshop for JR High & HS students

2013 workshop, Climate Change Connections to Our Weather, Environment, & Health at the 13th Annual K12 Summer Institute sponsored by Texas A&M in Houston.

This Slideshare presentation walks you through a complete full day workshop to teach Climate Change. There's also plenty of material to dissect and teach to K-5 students as well.

Classroom lessons from NCAR, Facing the Future, NOAA

Checks can be made payable to NEW LEAF COLLABORATIVE and sent to 

New Leaf Collaborative 
P.O. Box 131
Martinez, CA 94553. 

You will receive a thank you and a receipt with our Federal tax ID number for your records.

"Science doesn't teach anything, experience teaches it." 

-Richard Feynman

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