New Leaf Collaborative Overview

New Leaf Collaborative is now a 501c3 California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation!! 

Our Executive Board is working hard to improve our scope of services to the Martinez community. 

  • We will be adding student and teacher advisory committees
  • Improving and adding to our school-sight science workshop program
  • Ensuring the continuation of Empowering Educators for 2015
  • Strengthening and supporting our New Leaf Leadership Academy
  • Creating our website to offer digital badges to our super star students and educators 
and to top it all off, your donations are now tax-deductible!

Checks can be made payable to NEW LEAF COLLABORATIVE 

New Leaf Collaborative
P.O. Box 131
Martinez, CA 94553. 

You will receive a thank you and a receipt with our Federal tax ID number for your records and some great karma to go with it.


The New Leaf Collaborative seeks to connect community resources and expertise to students for hands-on learning opportunities that promote transformation toward wholeness, connectedness, empowerment, sustainability and service.


The New Leaf Collaborative is a partnership network that provides hands-on, experiential learning and leadership opportunities, in areas of science, nature and ecological literacy in order to nurture the social and emotional health of K-14 students and their communities.

About Us:

The New Leaf Collaborative works in partnership with students, parents, educators and community members to rethink learning communities in the 21st century. Our learning community seeks to transform learning cultures by providing a network of community partnerships that link learning to real life exploration and career-focused project/pathways. We support learners within classrooms and the community by building purposeful, inter-generational connections in ways that stimulate economic, ecological and human vitality.  The program’s vision seeks to create agents of change who understand how to work in partnership with others to cultivate (a) health within individuals, (b) positive connections within communities, and (c) the restoration of ecological and economic sustainability.

Services Offered:
  1. Networking and formal partnership development
  2. Grant writing and program management
  3. Support for planning and implementation of integrated, hands-on, college and career focused projects in schools
  4. Support for individual teachers and small learning communities wanting to begin implementation of Linked Learning, but not directly associated with California Linked Learning District Initiative
  5. Development of community-based, service-projects
  6. Support for the integration of mindfulness and mental health strategies within learning communities

  1. New Leaf Academy classrooms
    1. Provide mentoring, outreach and coordination for integrated, interdisciplinary alternative teaching and learning in New Leaf projects and field trips
    2. Student career-focused internships
  2. Community Science Workshops
    1. Public and school based sites layered with exhibits and projects that stimulate observation with all the senses, as well as providing tools, materials, and a workspace fostering both discovery and creation.
      1. John Muir Elementary
      2. Vicente Martinez High School
  3. Student career-focused internships
  4. Teacher training and mentoring programs
    1. Project/Place-based teacher technique trainings
    2. Transformative leadership workshops
    3. Courage and Renewal for Teachers workshops
    4. Mental health prevention and early intervention workshops for teachers

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