Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bubble Solution & Wand Testing

Today at one of our school site CSWs, kids followed 3 different recipes for bubble solution.

They then made polyhedral bubble wands (which is surprisingly calming - so much focus!!) With 15 minutes left in the workshop, we tested out each solution, students finally stood behind their favorite and explained why.

We realized each of the three lines had different criteria for 'good bubble solution'; some were happy with the super bubbliness of #1, others pleased with the multitude of mini bubbles produced by #2 and some preferred the enormity of bubbles from bubble solution #3.

Students then discussed what they liked about their hand-crafted bubble wand, how well it worked or didn't work, and if they had more time & materials, what they would do differently. Good stuff.

Air pressure mobiles

We've been busy getting this year's CSWs started up. Last week we talked about air pressure & made balloon cars - it was cool to hear students explain why the knew the air would deflate out of a balloon. Sometimes it's difficult to explain things that we just know to be true; but it leads for some interesting conversation.

As I was prepping for the lesson, I couldn't find my pvc cutters (small pieces of 1/2 inch pvc fit inside the mouth of a balloon & can be wedged into a piece of cardboard to fit snugly.) As I was contemplating my options, I found a party noise maker in my garage & found that it fit even more perfectly inside the mouth of a balloon AND that not only can it help power a balloon car but it makes a kickin noise to boot! Just one more reason I dare to live outside the boundaries of organization - creative inspiration.