Thursday, October 17, 2013

High School Interns Check out the Workshop

Three high school interns from Vicente High School and one intern from the New Leaf Academy came over to the JM CSW last Friday to check it out. First I had them all walk slowly through the Workshop and right out the back door. I had them write down their first impressions.

 "It smelled like a wood-shop. At first, I thought there wouldn't have been as many stations, but there was." "It looked and smelled clean, it's a nice little place for kids. Some crazy stuff." "It looked like we're going to have a lot of fun with all the kids and the experiments. It was set up nice.""Magnets. Crazy Cool. Fun!" "Amazing" 
The interns had some great ideas to enhance the Workshop & some really great feedback on how to add on to some of the existing experiments. One intern drastically improved my bubble recipe as well & was producing some fantastically large bubbles throughout the day. It was a nice reminder that I'm on the right track & what I'm doing here is important.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stripped Down Motor Snack

 I wanted to do this experiment before my high school interns from New Leaf come visit the JM CSW this Friday. I'll bring enough supplies for a couple of them to try it if they want... it definitely took me longer than 30 minutes & I had 18-gauge copper wire rather than 20 & my paper clips were not cooperating. I think I got it though - although it does eventually slow down to a deep rotational spin... and I would think a proper motor or generator should be reliable not to slow down so I'll have to keep working on this until it's perfected! My daughter can help me when she gets home from school, she did a great job assembling our magnetic shielding exhibit yesterday. 
A big thanks to Electrical & Plumbing Incorporatedfor the copper wire!